Welcome to Blessed Maine Herb Farm! Our small family farm business is operated with great love, care, attention and intention. We're a MOFGA Certified Organic Grower & Processor and this year we are celebrating our 25th year of service to our community.

Our farm is located on a beautiful ridge-top in rural Maine and we grow approximately 4 acres of medicinal herbs. We offer herbal products of exceptional quality, made with MOFGA certified organic herbs we grow and wildgather by hand. In some cases we purchase herbs from other certified organic growers. Our herb teas, bulk herbs, tinctures, compound formulas and our plant & soil food are all certified organic by MOFGA.

We practice a simple, sustainable lifestyle and our home, farm and herbal processing facility operate on solar power. Our work with the herbs is accomplished with respect for the earth and all of the web of life. You will find all our product offerings listed in the index of this website.

Our certified organic gardens not only provide us with our food, medicine, material and spiritual sustenance, but act as teaching gardens as well. We offer classes, apprenticeships and an herbal medicine correspondence course through the Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine. You'll find our herbal study opportunities listed on the Study Herbal Medicine page.

Our gardens are open to the public, by appointment, during the growing season. We invite you to come for a visit and enjoy their beauty and peacefulness.

This past winter we purchased a fifty acre parcel of land that surrounds our farm on the south and east sides. This land includes a seven acre field that is directly linked to our cultivated gardens and which we plan to begin expanding into this season. It has been organic pasture for many years and contains a fabulous spring fed pond.

The other forty-plus acres is very recently and quite heavily cut over woodland - we are planning a forest restoration project for this land which will also get underway this spring. Our long range plan is to replant the land with native medicinal plants, shrubs and trees and transform it over the next several years into a wild food and medicinal plant sanctuary with well marked trails and botanical markers. This will be both an offering and a gift to the land and the community we love so much. Our new land goes down to the Wesserunsett Stream which is a critical protected salmon waterway and a beautiful place to go for a picnic or have a soak.

We'll have more news regarding this restoration project and how you might participate posted here in the coming months. In the last month we've planted twenty five elder trees, a bed of Solomon's plume and one of Solomon's Seal on the trail to the spring.

Because care taking the earth and the preservation of endangered and threatened plant species are concerns of ours, we are cultivating herbs such as goldenseal, ginseng, bloodroot and black cohosh here. All of these herbs have been seriously overharvested in the wild. We pledge to use no rare, threatened, or endangered plants in the herbal medicines we make.

Over the last couple of years we've organized the Maine Organic Herb Growers Cooperative, an informal group of several local farmers who are all growing certain crops together to meet large contracts from a major US herb supplier. We hope to attract other local, organic growers to work with us to improve the agricultural strength and economic security in our area of Central Maine.

Through all of this work we intend to make a positive impact in our community by offering education regarding the many gifts offered to us by the plants, creating jobs, supporting and participating in a local food and medicine chain, making available locally grown and produced herbal medicines of impeccable quality, encouraging the wise use of land and serving as a successful model for sustainable living and local economic growth.

Blessed Maine Herb Farm is dedicated to offering you the very best of what is offered to us all by our Great and Bountiful Mother Earth.

Nothing but the purest ingredients, gathered from near and far, are combined with our certified organic and wildgathered herbs, to present you with a truly safe and natural product you can use with confidence.

Thanks for the trust you place in us by ordering our products. We appreciate your continued support, welcome with open hearts those of you who may be new to us, and look forward to many more years of growing herbs with great care, attention and love and preparing premium quality herbal products for our valued customers and friends.

If you have a question or concern about the use of medicinal herbs, please feel free to ask. We're here to help, and a response is guaranteed.

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Class cancellation policy: All deposits are non-refundable. If canceling a month in advance you will receive a full refund less a $50 cancellation charge. If canceling within two weeks of the start of a class, half payment will be refunded. There will be no refunds given if cancelling within one week of the start of any class or after the class has begun.

Tour cancellation policy: All deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel at any time after paying your tour fee in full, you will be charged a $100 cancellation fee. If you cancel within two months of the tour dates you will be refunded half your payment. If you cancel within one month of the tour you will forfeit your payment.

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