Organic Herb Gardening ONLINE Class
Organic Herb Gardening ONLINE Class
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Organic Herb Gardening - All life and therefore health, springs from the ground.

This class will begin with the life of the soil; we'll discuss the importance of nourishing the soil, learn about seed planting and plant harvesting according to phases of the moon, the concepts and practices of Permaculture, creating compost, sheet mulching, weeding and cultivation, container gardening, companion herbs, herbs as plant physicians, the importance of pollinators and planting specific herbs and trees to attract them to the garden...also covered will be plant families and basic botany for herbalists.

This course consists of 5 recorded weekly classes approximately 1 hour in length. It also includes a large number of online gardening videos and links to reading material that will enhance your learning. Class fee is $125.

Classes will be posted weekly, on Wednesday at 5:30. You can listen in at anytime that is convenient for you. Register here.

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