Baltic Amber Tincture, Oil, Butter & Scrub

Baltic Amber Tincture, Oil, Amber Rose Butter, Amber Rose Facial Scrub
Baltic Amber Tincture, Oil, Amber Rose Butter, Amber Rose Facial Scrub
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Baltic Amber Tincture, Oil, Amber Rose Butter, Amber Rose Facial Scrub
Natural Baltic amber is considered the very finest and most therapeutic amber in the world. Amber is renowned for its pain easing, rejuvenating and vitality boosting effects as well as its ability to help protect against illness. It is a well researched adaptogen and has long been referred to as an Elixir of Youth.

Baltic amber was highly prized among the ancient Nordic peoples, as well as by the Celts, the Mediterranean peoples, Arabs, Egyptians and the Chinese. Amber gems were not only valued for their unique beauty but also for their healing and protective qualities. Amber was revered by these ancient peoples as a medicinal substance, and many healing elixirs have been made with it down through the ages.

Baltic amber warms against the skin, releasing it's therapeutic properties safely and naturally. Its electrostatic properties are used for healing. It has long been respected as a natural ionizer and for its ability to produce negative ions which help to ease pain and stimulate the healing process. Baltic Amber is also known to provide protection from harmful radiation emitted from computers, cell phones, microwave ovens and electrical devices.

Amber is used to clear the chakras, to fill the body with vitality, alleviate stress, and is believed to help draw disease out of the body and encourage healing. Baltic amber is a natural analgesic and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, so is often used to ease joint pain. It also acts as a natural antibiotic and has a long history of use in healing wounds.

Succinic acid - Baltic amber has high concentrations of a unique substance known as succinic acid. This powerful antioxidant helps eliminate free radicals and discourages disruptions of the cardiac rhythm. Succinic acid has been shown to stimulate neural system recovery and bolster the immune system, it helps restore strength and energy to the entire body and enhances brain function, thereby improving awareness, concentration, reflexes, and reducing stress. Baltic amber is naturally high in this substance, and is one of the most important natural sources of succinic acid in the world.

It is touted in Russia and other European countries for its youth preserving and cell rejuvenating properties. It is commonly used in anti-aging formulations and to aid recovery of cancer patients after undergoing standard medical therapies.

What is Baltic Amber? - Baltic amber is a fossil resin produced by ancient pine trees, which grew in Northern Europe, around the Baltic sea as long as 300 million years ago. As the climate warmed the conifer trees began exuding large amounts of resin and as the millennia progressed, these exudations became stable.

Pieces of amber, naturally torn from the Baltic Sea floor, are carried ashore by waves and collected at ebb-tide. Harvesters, furnished with nets at the end of long poles, wade into shallow waters of the Baltic Sea and drag their nets through seaweeds which may contain masses of entangled amber. Some rake amber up from boats. Amber is generally yellow or yellow brown and translucent, and it is very beautiful when polished.

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Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces
These beautiful Baltic amber teething necklaces are made on exceedingly durable string, well knotted between each amber bead. They are specially made to be worn by babies and small children. These teething necklaces are approximately 12" long with well made rubber screw-together clasps. They are made with completely untreated, raw Baltic amber beads.

Because of the high content of succinic acid in Baltic amber, they are especially prized as teething beads. A natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory, amber will help calm a fussy baby and amber teething necklaces have been worn by babies and small children for countless centuries throughout Europe. The necklace is not necessary chewed on, but worn. The succinic acid is absorbed by the skin and helps to ease babies teething discomfort.

We strongly suggest that your child be under supervision while wearing any necklace and that it is removed before sleeping.

Wearing the amber as a bracelet will have similar pain easing and anti inflammatory effects.
Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces teething
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BALTIC AMBER COLLECTION - for those who would like to experience the benefits of Baltic Amber as traditional internal medicine. The lovely hinged pine box contains a Baltic Amber tincture, Baltic Amber oil, a jar of Amber Rose Butter, and a jar of our deluxe Amber Rose Frankincense and Myrrh Facial Scrub, all seasonally decorated and tied with red ribbon.
Tincture of Baltic Amber - Succinum
Tincture of Baltic Amber - Succinum
Amber’s antibiotic and disease fighting properties are legendary. It was credited with saving people from the bubonic plague during the Middle Ages. The Prussian Priest Matthaus Praetorius recorded that "During the plague not a single amberman from Gdansk, Klaipeda, Konigsberg or Liepaja died of the disease." The succinic acid in amber has proven to be immune modulating and an effective aid in fighting bacteria, fungal, viral and parasitic infection. It is currently being used to fight against Lyme and its co-infections.

Research at the University of Hamburg, Germany, confirms the safe use and positive effects of succinic acid in cellular metabolism. And in Russia, Dr. Veniamin Khazanov of the RAS' Institute of Pharmacology says "For aged people, succinic acid has proved to be indispensable. It is capable of restoring the energy balance at the cellular level, which is often upset as the years go by, and helps the patient regain his youthful energy."

Traditional Chinese Medicine also has high regard for the medicine properties of amber. They use it for subduing fright, tranquilizing the mind, for the relief of palpitations, to promote blood circulation and protect against heart attack and stroke. It is in countless traditional formulas. Amber is also specifically recommended for lower abdominal pains affecting the testes, prostate or uterus.

Traditional method of use for Tincture of Baltic Amber
Adults - Take1 drop on day 1, 2 drops on day two, three drops on the third day, and so on for 10 days, then drop off one drop each day until the 20th day. Let 10 days go by, then start a new course of amber treatment, if necessary or desired.

Alternately and also traditional, 1 drop of the tincture daily for three weeks, then take one week break, and continue with another round of one drop daily for three weeks. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY OR LACTATION.

We use pure, natural, pharmaceutical grade Baltic amber to make our tincture. ˝ oz. bottle with dropper

Consider joining our independent study. If you decide to use Baltic Amber Tincture please consider giving us feedback on what affects you notice. We are conducting Independent research and gathering experiential evidence regarding the medicinal affects of Baltic Amber tincture and oil.

Tincture of Baltic Amber - Succinum ambertinct
Baltic Amber Oil
Baltic amber oil is widely used as a topical application to the skin, especially the face. Russian scientists report amber’s unprecedented ability to act as an anti-aging substance. It’s ability to restore cellular health and elasticity and inhibit aging of cells has earned it a reputation as a modern elixir of youth.

Amber oil is universally regarded as an especially effective treatment against aches and pains, rheumatic and arthritic joints, swollen limbs and joints, and painful muscles.

Amber oil permeates the skin exceedingly fast, penetrating deep into the tissue, improving blood flow to the area and easing muscle and joint pains. It is excellent added to massage oils and facial creams.

This is an infused oil made with pharmaceutical grade Baltic amber extracted into pure olive oil using an ages-old traditional process.

We use only pure, natural pharmaceutical grade Baltic amber to make our oil. 1 oz. glass bottle with polyseal cap.

Consider joining our independent study. If you decide to use Baltic Amber Oil please consider giving us feedback on what affects you notice. We are conducting Independent research and gathering experiential evidence regarding the medicinal affects of Baltic Amber tincture and oil.
Baltic Amber Oil amberoil
Drench your skin in our luscious and moisturizing Baltic amber rose butter. Let it drink up the lightly fragrant deeply moisturizing pure and mild derma food presented here.

Our Baltic Amber Rose Butter begins with the exquisite skin soothing properties of our lovingly grown certified organic white and pink roses with the amazing skin cell rejuvenating power of Baltic amber and the rich skin moisturizing actions of natural certified cocoa butter to present you with an exceptionally pure, deeply healing, nourishing, protective and restorative cream.

Absolutely heavenly! The results after a short while of using this luscious and rejuvenating cream may astound you. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way.

Contains: Certified organic cocoa butter, pure crushed medicinal grade Baltic amber infused oil, rose oil made with our certified organic roses and pure olive oil, essential oils of rose, myrrh and helichrysum.

1 ounce jar - $30.00

"Gail, you have outdone yourself this time. i simply cannot get enough of your rose & amber cream! I love the way it melts into my skin, and it smells delicious, too. i admit, i'm a bit stingy with it. i only apply it at night so my hands have time to soak up every last bit, and in the morning they feel soft and nourished. and the jar is the perfect size for stocking stuffing. HINT HINT, santa!"

"Oh God! How I love your cream and what it does for my skin!"
We doubt you’ve ever used anything quite as exotically fragrant and deeply cleansing, while also deeply nourishing, before!

This elegant and exquisite scrub contains the actual ground resins of Baltic amber, frankincense and myrrh, rose flowers, honey, olive oil, and a few drops of Bulgarian rose otto. It comes to you in a 1 oz. jar.
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