Herbs for Menopause

Herbs for Menopause
Herbs for Menopause
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Herbs for Menopause
Our Herbal Formulas for Menopause - we offer two choices. One for women, one for men.

Herbs and flowers are extracted in a base of certified organic alcohol (pharmaceutical grade neutral spirits.)

You'll find our formulas to be especially safe, fast acting and effective and guaranteed 100% free of genetic modification.

2 oz. amber bottle with dropper - $30.00

"I rarely write a note after purchasing a product but this is pretty special. I have not slept through the night, not even once, since I started perimenopause years ago. The past 5 evenings that I have taken the 13 Sisters I have slept through the night, no walking the floors at night, no getting up every hour, no hot flashes. Immediately. WOW!!!!!!" M. Denning

13 SISTERS RESTORATIVE ELIXIR ™ - This is our highly effective herbal formula for female menopause. It is specifically designed to provide rich stores of essential phyto-nutrients, especially important during mid-life. 13 Sisters Restorative Elixir helps menopausal and pre-menopausal women to balance hormonal production, thus alleviating many of the symptoms usually associated with the menopausal transition. A typical dose of 30 drops daily will help support your individual menopausal process naturally, while nourishing deeply.

Contains angelica/dong gui, ginseng, vitex, black cohosh, wild yam, rose, red clover, oatstraw, dandelion, nettles, saw palmetto, ginkgo.

"I have been using 13 Sisters Restorative Elixir for menopausal symptoms and I am very pleased to report that it has made a significant difference in alleviating and/or diminishing many of my symptoms. As a nurse seeking alternatives to HRT, I have tried many products, with minimal success. This one really works. Thank you!" S. Prujansky, R.N.

"I am writing to tell you that 13 Sisters is the first and only thing I have found to help me through this stage of my life. At 50, I had been looking for years for something to help with irregular periods, PMS symptoms and a host of other symptoms associated with The Pause. Thank you a million times for making my life easier and the transition enjoyable. I will be placing my order for another supply shortly. I tell others that I know about 13 Sisters and wish there were a way to tell many more women about what I have discovered. If you ever need someone to describe how this formula changed my life from day to night (in the best way possible), please contact me.Thank You!!!!!! D. Boettcher.

"The 13 Sisters formula I ordered works beautifully. It seems to be just the right combination of herbs, because I tried several other products without success before finding this one. I highly recommend it-and would suggest to any woman that she try this first, before wasting money on something else." C. Prisco

"I can't believe I let myself runout! This tinture is amazing! All of my symptoms of menopause had ceased and now the hot flashes are back with a vengeance. Please ship asap....thank you, thank you, thank you!" C. Reed

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Studly Brothers Manly Elixir ™


This is our "male menopause" formula. It has been specifically designed to nourish midlife men, providing essential nutrients necessary for optimum testosterone production, ensuring strong heart and bones, healthy glandular functioning. Enhances libido, improves mood and sense of well being.

Contains ginseng, angelica, black cohosh, saw palmetto, nettles, oatstraw, chickweed, yarrow, ginkgo

2oz. bottle - $30

"My husband is a lot happier since he's been taking your formula. And I am too. We both really appreciate the work you do. Thank you."

"I know this sounds crazy, but not only do I have a lot more energy, I feel so much better over all, have less pain in my joints and also feel I am standing taller, after just a few weeks of using your product. It's great, thank you!"

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Studly Brothers Manly Elixir ™ Studbros
THE MENOKIT - Our Menopause Support Collection
THE MENOKIT - Our Menopause Support Collection
Our Menokit contains everything you need to nourish your way through menopause with ease and grace. You’ll find a book, Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause - because you need to know what menopause is all about and what herbs and foods and life style changes support the process; a 2 oz. bottle of 13 Sisters Restorative Elixir, a box of Balance & Well Being Herb Tea or Deep Slumber, your choice, and a bottle of cooling and calming lavender or sandalwood hydrosol. Price includes shipping within the US..
THE MENOKIT - Our Menopause Support Collection Menokit
Menokit 2 - for Women and Men - Also contains a 2oz. bottle of Studly Brothers Manly Elixir in addition to everything in the original Menokit
Menokit 2 - for Women and Men - Also contains a 2oz. bottle of Studly Brothers Manly Elixir in addition to everything in the original Menokit Menokit2
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