Prayer Protection & Healing Collection

Prayer Protection & Healing Collection

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Our Prayer, Protection & Healing Collection contains:

3 herbal prayer bundles, your choice Rosemary - wild rosemary from the mountains of Southern Italia. Lavender - from our Southern Italia garden. Hyssop, Mugwort or Hyssop - from our Maine gardens.

1 hand rolled incense stick - rose

Frankincense and Myrrh resins, mixed together as is traditional, packaged in tin box. Freshly harvested and sustainably sourced.

A few small sticks of sandalwood

Rose incense flower

A pure beeswax red votive candle

8 ounce Jar of Baltic Amber/Rose Salts - these contain Mediterranean, Himalayan and Epsom salts, baking soda, powdered Baltic amber, rose. Use for spiritual bathing,

A small flip tin of rosemary protective salts for sprinkling lightly around your prayer space.

Anointing Oil - frankincense, myrrh, Baltic amber resins, cinnamon, cassia, kanneh bosen, rose

A protective prayer hand written on parchment, rolled up into a scroll, tied with a ribbon.

Included in this box as a special gift: Miraculous Medal sewed to a second degree relic of the Sacred Sciamana Madonnas of Sud Italia, intended as a powerful talisman of protection and healing.

This is a very special, beautiful and magical box!