Herbs for Fertility
Herbs for Fertility
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Our Fertility Formula has garnered an excellent reputation over the years for its success in enhancing conception. We've now designed a complete package around the formula to support your ability to achieve a successful pregnancy. The package contains a 2 ounce bottle of our Fertility Formula, 4 ounces of Generatrix Herb Tea Blend and a 4 ounce bottle of our exquisite rose oil.

FERTILITY FORMULA ™ - This formula has acquired an excellent world-wide reputation for enhancing fertility. Balances hormones in favor of conception and helps support a successful full term pregnancy. Contains Red clover, raspberry, wild grape

"I had been trying to conceive for several years with no success and tried this formula as a last resort before seeking medical intervention. My beautiful baby girl, Theresa, was born last month after a perfect pregnancy and birth with no complications. I gave what was left of my bottle to a friend who also had fertility problems, and guess what? She conceived almost immediately! Thank you so much for making this formula."

"My friend used your Fertility Formula to conceive her first child and swore that it worked for her. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 2 years without success. I was planning to set up a MD appt. to figure out “what was wrong with me" but decided it couldn’t hurt to give your product a chance. I used the Fertility Formula for the week before and during ovulation and to my surprise . . . we got pregnant! We are now 11 weeks along and everything seems to be going great! Just wanted to thank you for your truly Blessed Herbs and let you know you have another happy customer!"

"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for six years with no luck. We were about to give up on ever having our own child when a friend gave me a bottle of your Fertility Formula. We conceived within that first month! Our beautiful baby girl was born last week and I just cannot tell you the happiness I feel. Thank you so much!"

GENERATRIX HERB TEA BLEND is specially formulated to support conception and a successful full term pregnancy. Contains wild grape leaves, red raspberry, red clover, nettles and roses. Drink 2 cups daily.

ROSE OIL – Roses are renowned the world over as a tonic for the brain, heart, and reproductive organs. Rose oil is especially relaxing and fertility enhancing when used as an after bath oil or for massage prior to love making. The scent of rose causes male sperm motility to skyrocket.

Our rose oil is made exclusively with our farm grown roses and pure Italian olive oil.


Purchase only the 2 oz. bottle of Fertility Formula only. Contains red clover, red raspberry, wild grape, certified organic alcohol, H2O.
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