Infused Oil Sampler Pack
Infused Oil Sampler Pack
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Product Description

Changing Woman is the name of the American Indian goddess who represents nature in all her transitional glory. She is all around us now and this page is meant to honor her.

The earth is in a state of transition now. As the seasons change, nature and all the life forms that inhabit our earth, respond with movement and changes of their own.

Our bodies also respond to these changes. We now seek warming foods and spices, hot soups, warm herbal infusions and deep rest. Our skin especially begins to hunger for nourishment.

During this time of year it is critically important to take good care of our skin. It's our largest organ of assimilation and our first line of protection and defense, so it makes good sense to keep the skin healthy, supple and well moisturized.

Our fabulous infused oils sampler pack will help you do just that! The kit contains four 2oz. choose from sultry, sensual, moisturizing rose, muscle relaxing lavender, antiinflammatory chamomile, soothing calendula, pain easing St. John's wort and our deep healing Breast Care oils. All have been made with MOFGA certified organic herbs grown in our gardens or wild gathered nearby and pure Italian olive oil.

That's it...nothing else is essential oils, preservatives or fillers, just pure, skin nourishing, luxurious, goddess worthy goodness for that Changing Woman within.

Thank you for visiting ~ blessings on your day!