Boscaiola Seasoning

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Boscaiola, Traditional Seasoning of Sud Italia is in the house! Taste the fine symphony of exquisite flavors that transport us immediately to the mountains and the sea of Southern Italy.

We use this traditional Italian spice blend to season soups, pasta sauces, pizza, chicken and salads…It’s delicious and nutritious and imparts traditional Italian flavor to whatever you’re cooking.

We have been working on a Blessed Maine Herb Farm version of this unique and indispensable Italian seasoning blend since spring, when seeds and seedlings went into the garden.

ABOUT OUR INGREDIENTS - We grew, tended, harvested and dried all the tomatoes, onions, garlic, red pepper, thyme and parsley here in Maine. The porcini mushrooms and oregano were imported from Italy to assure that unmistakably authentic Mediterranean flavor. We think you’re going to love this very special seasoning blend! It is absolutely delicious!

LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE - The Mediterranean diet is well known to be vitality enhancing and supportive of a long, healthy life. The combination of herbs in this blend offer exceptional all-around nourishment in the form of vitamins, minerals and other health supportive constituents. This blend is strongly antimicrobial, tonic and nourishing to the lungs, heart and brain, and immunity enhancing as well.

Our Boscaiola Seasoning comes to you in a gorgeous hand blown 4oz. square bottle, topped with a wide cork.

Ingredients: Tomato, onion, garlic, red pepper, oregano, thyme, parsley, porcini mushrooms.