Pain Easing Salve

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Anti inflammatory, Pain Easing Joint Balm

Contains St. John's wort, well known for its pain easing and anti inflammatory actions, soothing, pain easing cottonwood buds and analgesic bay leaves with a combination of warming, pain relieving essential oils in a pure olive oil and bees wax base. Rub on inflamed and painful muscles, tendons, or joints to relieve pain.

St. John's wort, olive oil, bees wax, essential oils of ginger, clove, peppermint, cannabis, bay leaves, cottonwood buds and cinnamon.

hand poured in a 2oz. tin

"Your salve is a Godsend when my legs go into painful neuropathy - it's the only product that helps. Even an Rx cream that I obtained & was told to use mixed with Aquaphor doesn't work as well. Thanks for making this!" J. Day