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Come stay on the farm with us for a week!

This summer we are offering three, 5 day long, herbal immersion programs on the farm. We are planning these to be intensive learning sessions, an opportunity for you to delve deeply into one plant and really experience its many nuances - its spirit, intelligence and personality.

You will be given the time, space and direction to personally experience the plant's full range of physical/spiritual/emotional effects that can only be realized working directly with the living plant.

We'll provide breakfast basics and a full, mid-day meal each day. You'll have access to our kitchen for preparing your own dinner.

26-30 June - ROSE WEEK - Opening our wild hearts, nourishing our minds and spirits - a week of rose medicine, celebration and ceremony.

17-21 July - OATS WEEK - Balance and well being - stress be gone/nerves of steel - nourishing the nervous system.

21-25 august - HARVEST & PRODUCTION WEK - From the soil to the bottle - Herbal Pharmacy in action.

$300 per week...Five full days of hands on learning. Week begins Monday and ends Friday.

MEALS - Epic, locally sourced, mid-day meals, coffee, tea and granola or oats provided for breakfast basics - you provide whatever else you need. You are welcome to eat whatever is ready in our gardens. You'll have access to our full working kitchen for dinner preparation, between the hours of 5-7PM, as long as you clean up after yourself and don't leave a trace behind.

Our week-long sessions include one 5 hour classroom day and 4 days of hands on learning with the plants. You'll be expected to work for 5 hours on each of those 4 days. The rest of your time is yours to spend however you like.

Each week has a focus - in June we are focused on gathering and processing heart opening, spirit lifting roses...In July we immerse ourselves in the nerve soothing richness of oats and in August we spend an intensive week of harvesting, processing and medicine making an array of herbs.

JUNE 26-30 Our June week is all about roses. We will be gathering and working with roses every day. We'll be processing roses in a myriad of ways...we'll make rose oils, distilling rose Hydrosol, rose honey, rose elixir, rose vinegar, rose incence, rose beads and more. We'll experience the magic of roses, learn ancient lore and traditional uses, learn how to combine roses with other compatible herbs, and indications for using rose medicines. Our formal lesson will focus on Mind and Spirit.

JULY 17-21 Our July week is focused on harvesting and processing oats...we hand gather our milky oats, we cut the stalks separately for drying, we lay them all out on screens and tend them through the week, tincture them using a specific method and prepare them for use in other ways. We live and breath oats this week...if you've ever wondered what the essence of oats is, or what feeling your oats is all about, this is your week to fully immerse yourself, to really experience, physically, mentally and spiritually, the foundational power of deep nourishment that is oat. Our formal lesson will focus on the Nervous System.

AUGUST 21-25 Our August week is focused on both harvest and production. Everyday will be devoted to another herbal harvest, honing another group of post harvest production skills. This is a week of transformation and magic. A week when an array of herbal medicines, including syrups and compound formulas, salves, butters and balms are made. We may run the hammermill, and create some herbal tea blends. Our focus this week is on Herbal Pharmacy.

Your accommodations are simple and rustic. You'll be camping in the herb garden or up in the field at the edge of the woods, your choice. You'll need to bring a tent or camper and any personal camping supplies, as well as personal toiletries. You have access to a flush toilet and to hot and cold running water, including an outdoor shower.

Our school house is your center of in-door activities including meals and classes. We will be working in our production facilities as well as in the gardens and in the wild. There will be plenty of time for hiking our woodland trail, hanging out alongside the stream, wandering the fields, practicing your botanical drawing or photography skills and reading/studying.

You'll have use of our extensive herbal library while on the farm, and may have access to one of Gail's body systems class recordings each evening. Wifi is available in the school house. We require you to leave your phone off during the day and cell phones are not permitted in the gardens.

We'll probably take a few trips to the lake for swimming and to the river to visit ancient Native American petroglyphs.

If considering spending a week with us, please email us about your travel. considerations.

You may make a $100 non-refundable deposit now to hold your place. The remainder is due one week before the session begins.

Thank you for visiting ~ blessings on your day!