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Herbal Medicine Course - Body Systems and Corresponding  Materia Medica - Herbal Studies Course - New Class begins in January!!
PRAYERS FOR THE WILD HEART TRIBE - shipping included in price.
Southern Italy Earth & Spirit Tour October 2017HERBAL WELLNESS COLLECTIONSHerb Teas and Bulk Dried Herbs
Compound Formulas
Herbs for Fertility
Gemmotherapy Elixirs
Goddess Body Organics ™Infused Oils
Sacred Herbs - smudge sticks, hand rolled incense, resins, dream pillows
Green Vitality - Gardeners' Gold - Plant and Soil Food, Compost Activator
Baltic Amber teething and adult necklaces, tincture, oil, cream  and pharmaceutical grade chips.                                                           Milky Oat tops - 2016 crop is all sold out already!
Herbs for Women's HealthOrganic Herb Gardening, Gathering and Medicine Making CalendarHerbs for the Immune System
Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause
Herbs for Mind and SpiritHerbs for Chronic Pain Relief
Herbal Consultations
Healthy Heart & BonesHerbs for Menopause
Through the Wild Heart of MaryInterview with GailOpening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs
Ten-Fold Path to Becoming a Community HerbalistAdaptogensSkin Care
Sacred Trees - Medicine Trees - 13 recorded classes
Our Lady of the Green - Reweaving Plant Wisdom, Medicine Stories and the Divine Feminine - 13 week recorded class
Mushroot Chai Deep Immunitea
<FONT SIZE=3>Anti inflammatory Pain Easing Salve
Materia MedicaMale MenopauseInfused Oil Sampler Pack
<FONT SIZE=3>Baltic Amber Rose Butter
Vendetta della Vesuvio - AKA Fire Cider
Herbal StudiesAmerican Ginseng - Panax quinquefolius 1 OZ.

Reasons to shop from us

Welcome to Blessed Maine Herb Farm, where you'll find herbal offerings of impeccable quality. The great majority of herbs and flowers used in our finely crafted medicinal herb products are hand cultivated in our gardens or respectfully wildgathered from well managed stands in our meadows and woodland.

PLEASE NOTE: We ship book and herbal product orders once a week. Orders are pulled and packed on Monday and shipped by USPS on Tuesday.

That's us in our herb garden in the photo above - Herbalist Gail Faith Edwards and daughters, Belle, Grace and Rosa.

Our herbal product line includes nourishing and delicious MOFGA certified organic herb teas, tinctures, compound formulas, gemmotherapy elixirs and hydrosols. We also create sweet and soothing syrups, a line of adaptogen blends, healing salves and oils, natural beauty care, smudge sticks and hand-rolled incense.

Our farm is located on a beautiful ridge-top in rural Maine and we cultivate four acres of medicinal herbs, flowers and vegetables using natural, sustainable and regenerative farming methods. Our farm and processing facilities are Certified Organic by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

You can be sure that the products you receive from us have met the highest possible standards within the entire certified organic industry.

We have added pure, authentic, natural Baltic Amber necklaces to our product line! Baltic Amber is especially valued for its high content of succinic acid, and has been renowned as a healing substance for millennia. Baltic Amber is known for its pain easing properties, its ability to enhance well being and much more. We are offering exceptionally durable teething necklaces for babies and several choices of necklaces and bracelets for adults, as well as Baltic amber tincture, oil and cream. You'll find them here:

Healing Baltic Amber Necklaces

School News - You'll find all the information on herbal study opportunities with Herbalist Gail Faith Edwards at the Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine outlined on this page:

Study Herbal Medicines

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the uses of medicinal herbs while visiting us here, there are several informative articles written by Gail throughout our pages, you will find them listed in the index to the left. There is a Materia Medica link with monographs on a number of individual herbs and their uses. There are also excerpts from her books, Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs, Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause; Herbal Allies for Midlife Women and Men and Through the Wild Heart of Mary; Teachings of the 20 Mysteries of the Rosary and the Herbs and Foods Associated with Them. Read a review here:

Through the Wild Heart of Mary

Consider joining us for 10 days in Southern Italy next April for a fantastic adventure. We are now accepting deposits, on a first come, first served basis, for the Spring 2016 Earth and Spirit Tour. Our home base is Gail's remote, yet centrally located ancestral village, in the Apennine mountains. For more information, please visit

Earth, Heart & Spirit Tour

Our entire product line is on the shelves at Uncle Dean's Grocery in Waterville, Maine. You'll also find our herb tea blends, culinary herbs and spices and syrups at the Pickup Cafe in Skowhegan. You'll find us at the Skowhegan Farmer's Market on the following dates this summer: May 16, June 20, July 25 and August 22.

Enjoy your visit with us.
Many Good Blessings,
Gail Edwards
and the Blessed Maine Herb Farm Family

blessedmaineherbfarm@gmail.com Do you have a question or concern about growing or using medicinal herbs? Feel free to ask. We're here to help, and a response is guaranteed. Your comments and suggestions are also welcome.

"Thank you Gail. I love your products and everything about how you grow them and make them."

"Your products are great. High quality, long lasting, reasonably priced, made with love..."

"I heartily recommend Blessed Maine Herb Farm products to everyone! These products are of the very highest quality, and have a far superior action to any other that I have tried. I use a wide variety of the different products that Blessed Maine has available, and have never been disappointed. Thanks so much for a great product line!"

"Thank you for all of the work that you do, it is pure and beautiful."

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The Way of the Wild Heart

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